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vinny soares | co-founder

Vinny Soares is a Husband, Father, Photographer, Videographer, Graphic Designer, and Creative Director for Häna Marketing and our clients. Vinny has an extensive background in Musical Arts - Trained in Production of Music and Engineering of Sound, and we hear he's a pretty good drummer...

Vinny likes family, friends, Futebol, bbq's and craft brews. Start a conversation about music gear or cameras and he'll talk to you for days.

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Ashley Zona | co-founder

Ashley Zona is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Häna. She is inspired by promoting positive growth in the small business community and bringing real results to real people. Outside of Häna, Ashley enjoys working out, dogs, exploring Florida beaches, and watching Mark Wahlberg movies, in that order.

Ashley loves making new connections with amazing people, so feel free to send her an email about anything!