5 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Game

Take a look at important upcoming days

One of the most important tools to help keep you on track is an updated calendar, but you also need to use it to plan for upcoming holidays or notable dates. The holidays are a great opportunity to create timely content centered around a theme.

For the July 4th, you can run a patriotic campaign, showing your brand with flags and images of America. For Labor Day, running a post with your brand with the backdrop of a message of appreciation to all workers hits home.

Run a Contest

Who doesn’t love to free “stuff”? While creating a contest might involve a lot of planning, the payoff can be well worth it. Well run contests are a sure way to connect with your audience and get them excited about your brand. Be creative with your ideas and make sure to have all of the details worked out before you launch. The contest should be fun, interactive, easy to follow, and have a desirable prize.

Give your followers a glimpse of the behind the scenes

If you’re having trouble thinking of what to post, look no further than your own workspace. Post anything, a picture of the office, your view for the day, the company logo at the door, something that will break up the routine. Posting a quick video of a coworker’s birthday shows the human side of your business.

Spotlight your customers

Shooting a video, posting pictures and doing a short profile, highlighting what they do in the community, will go a long way in showing your audience that you appreciate them. Try to make it a consistent post, every week or every other week on a specific day to keep your audience on the look-out for it.

Post and answer a question that you feel is relevant

There are probably a few questions that you are asked repeatedly. Take one of those questions and make a video to answer it in the best way possible. This will be valuable to your audience and will also spotlight you by showing that you are taking the time to respond to their feedback. Staying engaged is a must.

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