Want More Business For FREE? Market To Your Current Customers

Your current customers already buy from you.

Now, your responsibility is to make sure that these customers put in a good word for you at all times.

These buyers are termed as “Brand Advocates” and they will bring your more business. 

According to Nielsen, 84% of customers trust or consider a recommendation from friends and family members.

Here's some things you can do to get your own team of Brand Advocates.

1. Ask for their email.

Then, send coupons, updates, and ask for feedback about your business.

2. Implement the Feedback.

If you truly listen to a customer and implement their recommendation, that person will advocate for you.  They  would even tell their friends and share the experience on social media. People love it when companies listen to them and use their feedback. 

3. Have a Customer Referral Program in place.

Offer incentives for customers to bring you new customers - maybe offer free products or services, or a discount!

4. Use Social Media CORRECTLY.

The more you engage, interact, and answer questions with your customers on your Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc., the more value you provide to them. This establishes trust and loyalty. 

5. CARE and provide excellent customer service.

Listen to your customers, show respect, and provide an easy and WOW experience. Train your team to do the same!

Paid advertising has its place and is important, too. However, creating customers to become your best salespeople — that’s when you know you’ve won.

About The Author

Ashley Zona  Co-Founder | Director of Marketing & Sales

Ashley Zona
Co-Founder |
Director of Marketing & Sales

She is inspired by promoting positive growth in the small business community and bringing real results to real people. Outside of Häna, Ashley enjoys working out, dogs, exploring Florida beaches, and watching Mark Wahlberg movies, in that order.

Ashley loves making new connections with amazing people, so feel free to send her an email about anything!

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