Your Lead Generating Machine: YOUR WEBSITE

Hands down, your website should be your main source of your lead generation.

Don't have a website? Get one.

If you have a website, I'm sure you know it's easy to drive traffic to your website, but if it's not converting visitors to customers, you're missing out on a lot of business.

Think about your website...
Is the design clean and functional?
Are there attention grabbing features?

Here's what a successful website should entail:

1. Functionality and Usability

A website is a tool for a customer to find information about your business, services, filling out inquiry forms, seeing product images, etc. It needs to be a tool that is easy to work with and effective in helping the visitor find important information and take action. Keep it simple when creating navigational links and pages, so customers can quickly locate the desired information.

Nothing more and nothing less.

If a website becomes frustrating, customer leaves and you lose the business.

2. Design On All Devices

Your website is being viewed on a mobile device about 80% of the time, rather than on desktop.

It needs to be designed and functional across all devices. 


3. Optimize SEO

SEO is still critical. Google alone processes billions of search queries every day...

Just because your website is configured for SEO, does not mean its content will be visible on Google or other search engines. It's not about having SEO in place, it's about having your website be SEO-performing.

Some tools to optimize your SEO (Could go into much greater detail later..):

  • Title tags on every page
  • Meta description tags on every page
  • Header content on every page
  • Body content on every page
  • A clean URL structure and custom URLs
  • A robots.txt file
  • An HTML sitemap
  • An XML sitemap
  • 301 redirects from old Web pages to new ones
          and much more..

4. Winning Conversion

All this is great, but let's convert these visitors.

Have clear CTA's in place. Banners, integrated web forms, etc.

Phone number placement attracts the urgent customer.  The clearer and more consistently the phone number displays, the better. 

5. Continuous Management and Updating

A website is not a one and done kind of thing. Constant updating of photos, web pages, creating new content, etc., not only freshens up your site, but it helps increase your Google ranking.

We're always here to help and answer questions. Feel free to reach out to me directly about your website or any other part of your business.