How To Kill The Email Marketing Game Now

Email Marketing isn't dead. It's just getting harder to do well.

Here are some strategies you need to implement immediately and some things to completely avoid.

Know Why You're Sending The Email

If you don't have a goal for your emails, your recipients won't have a clue either. So make sure you have a definitive outcome in mind before you hit "send".

Use call-to-actions and in-text links. Have multiple avenues to achieve your goal, since everyone's behavior is different. Emails should be flexible.

Send Emails From a Personalized Account

Boost your engagement by personalizing the “from” email address to drive replies from subscribers to a real person instead of ""

Experiment Sending Emails on Different Days

Stop sending emails on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
These are the most popular days to send emails. People's inboxes are flooded. Don't be afraid to send emails on the weekends either.

Think About Your Subject Line

Don’t write clickbait email subject lines. When people click into your email and then immediately bounce away after they realize your subject line wasn’t genuine. Your clickthrough rates will suffer.

Customize and personalize email subject lines, plus play around with emojis. Always ask yourself, "Would you open that email if you received it?"

Understand That People Are Going To Unsubscribe

You can't please everyone, so this is going to happen. Don’t be too worried yet, but if more people keep unsubscribing, try to identify why. Consider sending fewer emails to subscribers who aren’t engaging as much.

Engagement rates are slipping, and it gets harder to reach people’s inboxes. This doesn’t mean that email marketing is dying. It’s just getting more competitive. 

How To Win? Constant Testing. Every audience and contacts database is different, so make sure you’re experimenting new strategies and tailoring them according to how your subscribers engage.

Ashley ZonaComment