Redefining tired, antiquated marketing - with innovative social and digital media strategies that yield real results.



Our Mission is quite simple. It is to redefine the tired, unimaginative, and antiquated marketing - with innovative social and digital media strategies that yield real results.

We are a full Media Production company that advertises and markets for Businesses in the Modern Digital Landscape.



Our company was created with the belief that we can make a difference in our industry. But the only way to achieve this is by being true to who we are. Our core values are the foundation of Häna Marketing and play a role in everything we do.

Passion. Strive for Excellence. Positive Team Work. Honesty. Respect. Fun.


We work tirelessly to understand your vision and your business inside and out.


Together, we will create a strategy to reach your target audience.


We are passionate about helping people grow their business and brand.


The time is now. Don't wait for the perfect time, that doesn't exist. Achieve greatness now.


“Content and Integrated Marketing is not only the current state of the Internet, it is also highly effective if executed with high skill and precision.”

Vinny Soares  |  Co-Founder


Market Research


US Digital Marketing Spend Will Near $120 Billion By 2021

So what does this mean for digital marketing budgets?


  • US digital marketing spend will near $120 billion by 2021. Investment in paid search, display advertising, social media advertising, online video advertising and email marketing will pace to 46% of all advertising in five years.


  • Working budgets will give ground to non-working ones. Overall, digital marketing is pacing at a healthy 11% compound annual growth rate between now and 2021. But this is not the experimental “spend on anything to see what works” investment that we saw between 2008-2012. Marketers are more mature now with capable measurement practices. This means they will spend judiciously on just what works for their goals. And many are dialing back pure digital advertising investment, prioritizing instead non-working investments in data, technology and customer experience.


  • Millennial buying power will drive increased spend. Total digital investment is growing even with budgets shifting away from volume and toward value. A bullish economy contributes to this. But the headline here is that Millennials – consumers between 18 and 35 years old – have settled into a high-spending life stage as they establish careers, homes and families. This is now the largest living generation; it spends collectively $600 billion a year. Brands will grow digital investment in order to connect with these digital natives.


  • Online video will see the most upward mobility. Big and small advertisers alike love the reach and targetability of online video. Spend on online video is up 114% since 2014. Brand advertisers like that online video extends their TV and web reach with marginal incremental costs. Mom and Pop shops feel it gives them a TV-like advertising presence but more affordably than traditional television ads.


  • Are you seeing similar investment patterns at your own firm? What is your digital marketing budget for 2017? How have you planned the right level of spend for your goals?


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