We are a full Media Production company that advertises and markets for Businesses in the Modern Digital Landscape.


How We Work


The relationship we have with our clients is "We". Your business is our business. We dedicate ourselves to your brand just as much as you do. Bottom line, we care.


Häna takes a hands on approach with our clients. We have one goal - to create content and marketing that works. Our integration with online and offline media ensures that we not only make the best content possible, but that it's backed by laser focused targeting and results.


Our work is to break our clients out of the "catch up" game, and become leaders in their industry. We do this through our strategically and creatively planned original content that we produce in a variety of different delivery formats. 

Think of us as an all-in-one resource that ties up all the loose ends in your business, and markets effectively and accurately to bring a legacy to your brand. 


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